• Matt Bistayi

    Lead pastor

    Quick-witted, personable, dreamer of dreams, husband and father of two can be found spending his off-time laughing with his fun-loving family. There is no denying his servant heart and overwhelming passion to dream. His heart drives this team… Nuts! He drives us all nuts. Matt has taken many leaps of faith, and although it has not always been easy, he continues to trust in God's dream for his life.

  • zach mcnees

    pastor of Discipleship

    Fun loving and full of energy, Zach is a "kid at heart" who has a great gift for planning, organizing and leading. Zach's heartbeat is all about helping people take their next steps closer to Jesus. Zach has a passion for chicken wings and God!

  • Jeremiah Shirreffs

    creative arts and worship ministry

    Humorous, versatile, and creative, Jeremiah has a passion for leading worship, coordinating musicians, and finding moments where God brings other people's stories together. He tends to spend time with his wife and 2 dogs, but can sometimes be found building things, learning folk instruments, or playing video games.

  • Sharayah clevenger

    Valley kids and family ministry

    Full of energy, coffee, and Jesus, Sharayah is organized and passionate about bringing the Word to the kids and families of Valley Church. On her off time, Sharayah can be found on a golf course with her husband, Nate, or enjoying time with her family. If concerned about pronouncing her name correctly, please consult the 1985 Amy Grant song “Sharayah”, of which she was named after (thanks, Mom!). 

  • Josh Anderson

    Student Ministries director

    Fun, patient, and passionate. Josh loves playing slow-pitch softball, watching college football and basketball (Go Blue he says), and cooking up healthy meals. He loves having fun and joking around because he believes it's okay to laugh and have fun in our lives and faith. 

  • elaine ebeling

    office manager

    Organized, nurturing and passionate wife and mother of three. Her passion, knowledge and dedication are just a few of her qualities that combine to make her such a great manager of the office, events and ideas.