Get Involved and Connected

God is changing lives every week at Valley, and behind every changed life are the faces and people of Valley. Whether it’s helping guests find a parking spot, teaching a child, operating techy stuff, smiling and greeting someone, leading a Go Group, praying for people, or any other way, people are connecting others to the love of God. It's amazing to know that God is using you to make a difference in people's lives! So go ahead...jump in and get connected.


Local mission is very important to us here at Valley. We think that you might find it important too. 

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Start Serving

There's lots of ways to serve at Valley and be involved in making a difference. Choose the ministry that fits you best.

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The Diaper Store

The Diaper Store is a place where families can get free diapers, rash cream, and wipes. There's need and we want to respond.

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Events & Sign-Ups

We have great events planned to help you feel connected and build relationships. They're great opportunities to invite too.

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