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2020 Go Group Mission Grants

The mission of Valley Church is to help people live for God, for People, and for a Change. One way we give an opportunity to do all three things at once is through our Go Group Mission Grants. These grants are opportunities for our Go Groups (small groups at Valley Church) to positively impact their communities by submitting their ideas for a chance to win one of three grants for $250. The three winning groups will be voted on through social media.

To learn more or to see the simple application to submit a Go Group Mission Grant, check out the form, including past winners HERE.

What's a Go Group?

A Go Group is simply a group of people that get together to talk about God, their faith, life, the teachings from worship, hangout together, and connect with others in a safe and fun environment. Usually their's some kind of food involved too! Some groups meet weekly, some meet less frequently. There's all kinds of different groups and something for everyone. Oh...and we call them Go Groups because we think our faith should always be "GO-ing" somewhere and connecting in community helps that happen! (Matthew 28:19)

How Often do Groups Meet?

Most groups meet throughout the school year and follow the school year calendar. Some groups meet anywhere from 6-12 weeks. And then some other groups meet twice a month or just monthly and some groups meet 4-6 times a year for special "everyone's invited" type events and community builders. We try to keep multiple options available for people's interests and needs.

Why Should I Be a Part of a Go Group?

Because life isn't a "do-it-yourself-project". Go Groups are a safe, authentic, and healthy environment where people can experience spiritual growth, genuine community, and opportunities to make a difference in the world...for God, for People, for a Change!

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, email the church office at:

Need Go Group Leaders?

Hey, thanks for asking! We're always on the lookout and hunt for people who are excited about helping others connect and grow. Most anybody can lead a Go Group. It just takes a can-do attitude, a heart for people, and a weekly or bi-weekly commitment. We'd love for you to be a part of what God is doing in people's lives through the Go Groups.