"The mark of a healthy church is not it's seating capacity, 

but it's sending capacity."

SENT is a two year big-vision-initiative for mission, ministry, and multiplication. It’s also about a home for our church in the future as a launching pad for Disciples to be SENT from.

We don't want to be a bunch of saved people, we want to be a bunch of SENT people. Who send other people. Across the street. Across the city. Across the world.

“Sent” is about three focuses that

converge into one calling. 

To be SENT.

Sent For Mission

Since the beginning we’ve always said, “This isn’t about us.” We want to be intentional about that with our generosity and efforts. Over 2000 years ago Jesus and the early church did so much good with what they had, that it changed the world. We want to play our part in a radical and unheard of way. Putting others first and ten


Sent For Ministry

We can build a new building, but if we don’t have a healthy church to move into it we’re sunk. We’ve identified two key areas of ministry where we need to nurture and grow with laser focus and invest more resources and energy. It’s essential that we keep maintaining and growing what God has entrusted us with.

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Sent To Multiply

There should always be more room at the table of God’s grace. In our current leased facility that’s a challenge. A church home will help us widen and deepen the table so that we can be a place of Christ’s grace, hope, and love for more and more people. It will be a place to be equipped and sent from, to multiply our mission and ministry as we build the Kingdom with Jesus.




Hey Friends!

Sunday, Nov. 10th, 2019 we had our annual Church Conference. It was great because there were free tacos! LOL. But also because there was a lot of energy, laughter, hope, and momentum before, during, and after we shared about the state of our church and the big SENT Vision. If you weren't at the conference I didn't want to leave you out of the energy and hope.

Here's what we shared:

We want to use this time to update you about the SENT Vision. SENT is our big vision for mission, ministry and multiplication. Multiplication is about a new permanent home for Valley on 52nd Ave in the future. If you haven’t heard about SENT yet you can learn all about it at wearesent.org. We kicked off the SENT vision two years ago and God has done a lot of amazing things since then! Check this out and celebrate with me…

-We’ve grown about 5% each of those years. 

-27 baptisms in the last two years.

-More people than ever are connecting and growing in Go Groups.

-We started a second service so we could have more room for more life for more people. 

-Just in this last year alone: 25 new people and families have plugged into Valley and are excited about the life they have found in Jesus here. 

-AND 21 babies.

-Valley Kids is growing and the physical space we have to work with is increasingly limited and challenging.

-And parking sucks a lot of Sunday’s! Can I get an Amen?!

So we celebrate growth and people giving their lives to Christ and new faces and lots of babies who will grow up here and hard to work with space and even crummy parking lots! Because God is bigger than all of that and comes along to SEND us across the street, across the city and across the world for even bigger vision. 

And all of this means we are marching forward with the SENT Vision. The dream and need of a new home for Valley is more important than ever. Not for us or for our glory. For God’s glory! A building is not the focus OF ministry but a tool FOR ministry. So That there can be more life for more people. 

So we want to update you and be honest with you, so you know where we’re at with the vision. We have some newer people who have been helping and leading with wisdom and excitement and are helping to reframe our direction and open up some new options. We feel like we may be able to reduce some costs of the building from what we were originally quoted. We’ve gone back to contractors for quotes. We’ve had initial talks with lending institutions. Here’s what we know at this point:

We need to have $500,000 in the bank before we can take solid next steps and consider breaking ground. We estimate that by the end of the year we will have close to $300,000 in the bank towards SENT. Now remember, we’ve already raised almost $250,000 in two years so $200,000 more in the next year or two is super achievable. It might feel big, but God is bigger! We want to thank you for your generosity and affirm what you are giving to SENT and ask that you keep supporting the vision with your SENT commitment. Shellie and I are committing to continue our SENT giving, over and above our regular giving, to be a part of helping us reach that goal. If you aren’t already and you’d like to make the commitment, and be a part of making the vision a reality, you can do that at wearesent.org

We’ll continue to be good stewards of both this vision and your giving. We’ll keep talking and planning and keeping you updated more intentionally. We’ll have more opportunities to give and be generous to support SENT in the coming months and next year. We can’t guarantee, nor do we want to overpromise, but we know there are possibilities of grants, potential funding streams, and a major donor we are pursuing. I’ve actually started talking with some major donors and funding groups within our denomination. I’d challenge and invite you to do the same if you have a relative or friend that might get excited and come alongside of Valley to support the vision. Who knows what God can do through those conversations?! I’ve seen it happen in churches. Knowing all these costs and realities actually helps us be more attractive to significant donors. BUT, even without that, the good news is we’re getting closer and we will be there in a couple of years if we remain focused! A Major donor or grant will just shorten that timeframe. So will the pace of our growth if we remain faithful and invitational. Faith is better with friends and you know someone who needs the love of Jesus. 

So thank you for being the kind of church you are. As our back wall says. Loving, Serving everyone, especially the Underdogs, Authentic, Being Risky and taking next steps, and living and sharing God’s story week in and week out. 

We believe God is in this and is still marching us forward and leading us into a better, beautiful future. We’re hoping you’ll join us and march with us. 

Because we don’t march alone. 

For God. For People. For a Change.


The Sent Prayer

We go nowhere by accident. 

Wherever we go, God is sending us.

Wherever we are, God has put us there.

Jesus wants to do something through us, where we are.

Believe this, live this, and be Sent in his Grace, Love, and Power.

For God. For People. For a Change.