"The mark of a healthy church is not it's seating capacity, 

but it's sending capacity."

SENT is a two year big-vision-initiative for mission, ministry, and multiplication. It's also about a permanent home for Valley, which is important for our next steps in this vision.

And here's why... 

We don't want to be a bunch of saved people, we want to be a bunch of SENT people. Who send other people.


Across the street. Across the city. Across the world.

“Sent” is about three laser focuses that converge

into one calling and new thing. 

To be SENT.

Sent For Mission

Since the beginning we’ve always said, “This isn’t about us.” We want to be intentional about that with our generosity and efforts. Over 2000 years ago Jesus and the early church did so much good with what they had, that it changed the world. We want to play our part in a radical and unheard of way. Putting others first and ten


Sent For Ministry

We can build a new building, but if we don’t have a healthy church to move into it we’re sunk. We’ve identified two key areas of ministry where we need to nurture and grow with laser focus and invest more resources and energy. It’s essential that we keep maintaining and growing what God has entrusted us with.

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Sent To Multiply

There should always be more room at the table of God’s grace. In our current leased facility that’s a challenge. A church home will help us widen and deepen the table so that we can be a place of Christ’s grace, hope, and love for more and more people. It will be a place to be equipped and sent from, to multiply our mission and ministry as we build the Kingdom with Jesus.



This fall we celebrated 7 years together as a church community! If you had told me we would be at this point in our story, I’m not sure I would have believed you. We’ve come a long way and beat the odds. At every point in the road Valley has been a place of grace for all kinds of people and their stories. Our story has been filled with your stories. Stories of love and life-change, of tears and laughter with one another, of radical missions to the underdogs, of real and raw authenticity, and risk-taking next steps of faith in people’s lives.  

Great things have happened for God, for People, for a Change. And if we stopped there; that would be good. And we could celebrate. But forget the former things God says. So as we prayed about our future and Valley’s next steps we couldn’t shake God’s voice saying, “I want to do something new, but you have to think bigger and bolder.”

Sent is about that.

It’s about a BIG vision for mission, ministry and multiplication. It’s also about a home for our church, which is important for our next steps in this big vision. But, it’s important to remember that a building is not the focus OF ministry but a tool FOR ministry. This isn’t a building initiative, it’s a vision initiative. A building is just a place of grace for that vision to grow and have a face.

Reaching more people for Jesus is the vision. And that matters. We are here, at this point and time in our story as a church, for a reason. And we get to be a part of it! Because, we know that God is crazy in love with people and the more people who know that; the more lives become filled with the hope and grace and love of Jesus.

“You have to think bigger and bolder.” Because, when it boils right down to it, we don’t want to be a bunch of saved people, we want to be a bunch of sent people. Who send other people. Across the street. Across the city. And across the world. Buckle up and hang on! This is going to be an awesome ride.

Go God!


The Sent Prayer

We go nowhere by accident. 

Wherever we go, God is sending us.

Wherever we are, God has put us there.

Jesus wants to do something through us, where we are.

Believe this, live this, and be Sent in his Grace, Love, and Power.

For God. For People. For a Change.