November 19 @ 10:30AM

(Mark Your Calendar NOW!)

The time is now for us to be sent. To pray BIG and give BIG for a miracle. The big MIRACLE goal is to raise $380,000 over two years to accelerate the Sent Vision. This is a vision that is so big we can’t do it on our own. That’s why we’re excited. Because we don’t have to do it on our own! We can only reach it, and even surpass it, with God’s help!

On Sunday, November 19th We will take a special, one-time, offering to collect gifts that will start us on the Sent journey and go towards the total goal. Our goal for this offering is $75,000. We’re praying this is the single biggest one-time offering in the history of our Church. We’re also praying that it’s the most radically, generous, one-time gift you’ve ever given to the work of God. In short, we’re praying for a God-Sized Miracle!

We are also humbly asking you to make a Two-Year giving Commitment to the Sent Vision over and above your current regular giving. This will help us reach, or surpass, our overall total goal of $380,000 over the next two years.

Next fall, of 2018, we also have the opportunity to apply for a potential grant that we’ve been recommended for. The “John C Lasko Foundation” helps promising churches that are in the process of moving towards a building. Grants from the foundation are exclusively for the construction and furnishing of a church’s “Worship Space.” For us, that could amount to the potential of a $500,000 - $600,000 grant! Here’s the big deal though; how we respond to Sent now will impact our chances then. They will want to see that we have “skin in the game” in a big way. The more generous we are now, and over the next year, the more likely they are to get behind us and award Valley a grant.

Here's a sample commitment card that you can begin praying over. We’ve also shared a giving chart that gives you a snapshot of the number and dollar amounts needed to break through the miracle. Our hope is that it will challenge you and inspire you as you pray about how you are being sent to build the Kingdom of God.