What are you asking of me?

First and foremost, we are asking you to pray big time and look for God’s leading. Prepare your heart to hear God and then listen to what he says about your financial commitment to this vision. Talk with your spouse, family, trusted friends about what this commitment will mean during this exciting season of your lives. Pray the Luke 10:2 prayer (pray and remember Luke 10:2 everyday at 10:02) as we journey towards Commitment Sunday on Dec. 2nd.

How should I break up my giving?

Keep giving what you currently give and be faithful with that. Consider increasing your regular giving into the new year. That helps us stay the course with our ministry expenses and General Fund so that we don’t stall as a church with things like staffing and resources! From there determine (using the One-Year Commitment Chart as a starting point) how much more God wants you to give towards the Sent Campaign and Initiative. For instance if you’re currently giving 5% of your income, God may be calling you to step up to tithe 10%. That means you would keep giving 5% to the general fund and the additional 5% would go to the Sent Vision Campaign. You can actually set that up online, which is the best option, and give to the Multiple Funds at:

If you intend to give by check you can memo your check "Sent Campaign". If you're going to give cash indicate on the giving envelopes.

How can I help raise money for this vision beyond my own commitment?

Be creative as you, and your family, and friends explore ways to give towards this vision and initiative, beyond your one year commitment. You might have some stocks, property, or other items of that nature that could be donated. You may have some stored resources or savings that God has blessed you with in the past. God might just be calling you to give out of that to prioritize and use those resources for his Kingdom work now. Here’s some other ideas to consider. What ideas do you have?

--Have a Garage sale and give the proceeds to Sent

--When you get your tax return in the spring do a 50/50 gift. Give God the first half and keep the second half for yourself.

--Do a “Friends and Family Plan” letter and email. Tell them about the Sent vision and share why you are excited about it. Ask for a gift towards the vision. Pastor Matt raised almost $20,000 doing this when he started Valley. If you’d like some ideas and help to do this yourself let him know! Think if many of us did this!

--Consider any stocks and other assets you may have.

--Consider selling some things you don’t need anymore and giving the proceeds to God.

--Have you been saving for something? Maybe God is asking you to reevaluate that desire or timing and give it to him and this vision instead.

--Consider delaying a trip or big purchase so that you can jump into Kingdom work and giving now.

What’s the total projected building cost and when will we build?

While we can’t fully predict the construction market in the future we expect the building cost to be about $1,600,000 with some additional costs for furnishings, architectural costs, etc. Once we have  little over $500,000 in hand we will re-apply for a potential grant through the Lasko Foundation to help us build debt free. Alternatively we might also decide to build and take on the remaining cost in a mortgage. If we continue to grow as a church that’s a potential viable scenarios as well because future growth multiplies resources which will help us sustain the cost of a building. 

Does Valley currently have any funds reserved for the Building?

Yes. but year end 2019 we expect to have near $300,000 in a building fund through the Michigan Area Loan and Investment Fund of the United Methodist Church.

What other sources of funding are you looking into?

The Lead Team is exploring other options for fundraising. Other grants, loans, gifts from our family and friends outside of the church, etc. We know and believe that God is sending us forward to create a launching pad, and permanent home, for others to be sent! If you know someone in your friends and family circle who believes in this vision and might consider being an "angel investor" and come alongside of us with a major gift please let us know. 

We're all in this together and this is a Valley initiative and project, not just the staff and leaders. We all set the tone and move the vision forward with our invites and generosity as God keeps growing our church community. In many ways you, Valley, will tell us when you're ready to radically move forward. At which point our growth will accelerate because of your invites and generosity to the work and Kingdom of God. 

If you know someone in your friends and family circle who believes in this vision and might consider being an "angel investor" and come alongside of us with a major gift please let us know.