What are you asking of me?

First and foremost, we are asking you to pray bigtime and look for God’s leading. Prepare your heart to hear him and then listen to what he says. Talk with your spouse, family, trusted friends about what this commitment will mean during this exciting season of your lives. Also, if you’re not in a Go Group we think that’s the perfect place to take your faith to the next level and build community with others!

And, finally, we’re asking you to be prepared to be amazed and blown away by God! God is going to show up in a huge way and we want you to be ready! We’re anticipating a significant impact from our SENT commitments. Mark your calendars now for Big Give Sunday on November 19th. Be ready to experience a life-changing worship service that will be remembered as a defining and “sent” moment for our church and our faith!

How should I break up my giving each month?

Keep giving what you currently give and be faithful with that. This helps us stay the course with our ministry expenses and General Fund! From there determine (using the Two-Year Commitment Chart as a starting point) how much more God wants you to give towards the Sent Campaign each month for the two year giving commitment. For instance if you’re currently giving 5% of your income, God may be calling you to step up to tithe 10%. That means you would keep giving 5% to the general fund and the additional 5% would go to the Sent Vision Campaign. You can set up your giving online, which is the best option, and give to the Multiple Funds (general fund and sent campaign):

Give Online Here >

If you intend to give by check you can memo your check "Sent Campaign". If you're going to give cash indicate on the giving envelopes.

How can I help raise money for this vision beyond my own commitment?

Be creative as you, and your family, and friends explore ways to give towards this vision and initiative, beyond your two year commitment. You might have some stocks, property, or other items of that nature that could be donated. You may have some stored resources or savings that God has blessed you with in the past. God might just be calling you to give out of that to prioritize and use those resources for his Kingdom work now.

Here’s some other ideas to consider. What ideas do you have?

--Have a Garage sale and give the proceeds to Sent

--When you get your tax return in the spring do a 50/50 gift. Give God the first half and keep the second half for yourself.

--Do a “Friends and Family Plan” letter and email. Tell them about the Sent vision and share why you are excited about it. Ask for a gift towards the vision. Pastor Matt raised almost $20,000 doing this when he started Valley. If you’d like some ideas and help to do this yourself let him know! Think if many of us did this!

--Consider any stocks and other assets you may have.

--Consider selling some things you don’t need anymore and giving the proceeds to God.

--Have you been saving for something? Maybe God is asking you to reevaluate that desire or timing.

--Consider delaying a trip or big purchase so that you can jump into Kingdom work and giving now.

What’s the total projected building cost and when will we build?

While we can’t fully predict the construction market in the future we expect the building cost to be about 1.5 million with some additional costs for furnishings, architectural costs, etc. If we get the Lasko grant and giving is super generous, and goes above and beyond, we could break ground in the next two to three years.

Does Valley currently have any funds reserved for the Building?

Yes. We currently have close to $100,000 in a building fund investment through the Michigan Area Loan and Investment Fund of the United Methodist Church.

What other sources of funding are you looking into?

While our primary source of funding is you, and all our Valley-Ite friends, next fall, of 2018, we have an opportunity to apply for a potential grant that we’ve been recommended for. The “John C Lasko Foundation” helps churches that are in the process of moving towards a building. Grants from the foundation are exclusively for the construction and furnishing of a church’s “Worship Space.” For us, that could amount to the potential of a $500,000 - $600,000 grant. Here’s the big deal though; how we respond to Sent now will impact our chances then. They will want to see that we have “skin in the game” in a big way. The better we do with our part, with generous giving, now and over the next year, the more likely they are to get behind us and award Valley a grant.

Are there other plans for the Sent Initiative in the future?

Yes. In the spring we will do a tax season 50/50 Big Give offering. From our tax returns we’ll challenge people to give 50% of their return to God and keep the other 50% for themselves. Also next fall of 2018 we will do a Sent “2.0” campaign to refocus our vision and invite any new people who’ve made Valley their home to join the journey and be part of the miracle!