Send Your Own Friends and Family Plan Letter!

We all have people in our lives who want to support what we're excited about. They just need to be asked! A "Friends and Family Plan Letter" is a great way for you to share excitement for your church and the SENT vision, It's also a great way to share how God has been working in your life, while asking them for support. You'll be amazed how people will respond! 

Keep scrolling to see a sample letter and learn how to send your very own Friends and Family Plan Letter. 


“We don't want to be a bunch of saved people, we want to be a bunch of SENT people.”

SENT is a two year big-vision-initiative for mission, ministry, and multiplication. It's also about a permanent home for Valley Church, which is important for our next steps in this vision. But, remember: a building is not the focus OF ministry, but a tool FOR ministry. 

Why a Letter?

—Because support always follows vision and passion

—It takes money to carry out vision and ministry

—People give out of pre-existing relationships

Where to Begin?

—List relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues (who would you send a Christmas card to?)

—Not all people give equally. Therefore they should be challenged differently.

—Point people to Valley’s Facebook and Instagram to share the story of our church and what God is doing. 

—Limit the letter to one page (include the link)


Details to Know:

—How much have we already raised towards SENT ($300,000)

—When do we build? (The timeline to break ground is dependent on a few factors such as continued fundraising, second service growth, and having a little over $500,000 saved up for potential down payment.) 

—All details at

4 paragraphs of a friends and family plan letter:

1. Dear _______, (personalized hand writing) and Intro. What are you excited about? Share what’s happening at Valley and your elevator pitch of the “Sent” vision. Share details and background.

2. Why are you excited about it? What has God done in your life through the community at Valley? What do you envision will happen in other people’s lives because of “Sent”? Share 

3. Explain the need. Ask them to be in prayer for “Sent” and Valley. What will happen because of their generosity and one time gift. State goal for SENT. Ask for support. Share for online giving.

4. Conclude and thank them. Ask them to let you know when they give so you can thank them.

5. (Sign each letter personally)

—Mail your letter. After a week email them. After another week contact and ask if they have questions.

—Follow up and send thank you notes.

Here's an example letter. 

Use it as a starting point and make it your own. 

Dear ______________________,

We can’t wait for you to read this! This past fall our church (Valley) celebrated its 7th birthday. We’re growing and it’s awesome seeing so many new faces getting excited about Jesus. We launched a really big vision for the church’s future called “SENT”. It’s a BIG vision for mission and ministry, but it’s also about a new home for Valley so that we can keep sending people out into the world to make a difference for God, for People, for a Change. You can learn all about it at

Because you’ve been an important part of our personal lives through the years we wanted to share our excitement with you. God has really been working in our lives and we’re so pumped about the community and friends we’ve found at Valley. Shellie served at VBS this past summer and helped lead 75 kids who blew the roof off with excitement! Alex had an awesome, life changing time on the college spring break mission trip in Memphis! And Matt had the honor and privilege of baptizing 8 people this past winter in a portable hot tub as people, and families, took their next steps in following Jesus! God is moving in people’s lives and it’s awesome knowing that we get to be a part of it. Valley is home to our family. Being a part of this community has grown our faith and SENT our story in directions that we never would have imagined. That’s what the SENT vision is all about and we know that God is going to change even more lives like ours have been changed. If you’d like to see more stories of what God is doing In people’s lives check out our Facebook page at

We would love to invite you to be part of the SENT vision and miracle too! So we send this to you, humbly asking you to be a part of what God’s doing in Allendale. We first ask for your prayers to join ours. We also ask that you consider giving towards the SENT vision. It would mean a lot to us knowing that you’re excited and supportive of what God is doing in our lives, and the church community that we’ve fallen in love with and value so much in our lives. The goal is to raise at least $380,000 over the next two years. This past fall when we started the SENT vision we raised almost $100,000 in one day on Big Give Sunday! Our church also committed $140,000 in giving over the next two years.

Our church always says, “The most important person at Valley is the person who’s not here yet.” That’s what SENT is all about and your generosity will literally help God make a difference in more people’s lives! If you feel called to give you can do that online at Please let us know if you do so we can personally thank you! You could also send a check. If you prefer that just let us know and we can get you the church’s mailing address. If you’d like to talk more or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know! We’d love to share some other stories with you. Whatever you decide thank you so much for being such important people in our lives and for allowing us to share our excitement with you.

Much love, hugs, and high-fives! 

Matt and Shellie