Being sent for ministry means we have to keep our ministries strong and growing. God has been doing amazing things through Valley and we don’t want to stall and slow down due to a lack of things like staffing or resources. In the last three years we’ve grown incrementally about 5% each of those years across the spectrum of ministry:

Worship Attendance

Go Groups

Church Wide Giving

Volunteers Serving in Ministry

Kids, Student, and College Ministries

We’ve identified two key areas of ministry that are vital to our church and our values. We need to nurture and grow these ministries with laser focus. The “Sent” vision will help us invest more resources, energy and focus.

Valley Kids And Family Ministry - Fun, effective, practical, secure, and safe space for our growing Valley Kids ministry. No more three room juggling! We want our kids to have the space they need to grow and learn how to live for God, for People, for a Change too! Our kids, and their families, are too important not to invest in! We’ll also be positioned to respond to growing staffing needs.

College ministry - Space for college students, college Go Groups and worship. Our land on 52nd Ave is practically next door to the growing campus and housing developments of GVSU. This gives us an amazing footprint and opportunity for effective campus ministry as we help college students live for God, for People, for a Change. We’ll also be positioned to respond to growing staffing needs.