Sunday Worship

9:30am & 11:00am

Worship at Valley is an experience where you'll meet God wherever you're at in your life journey. We just want you to be excited about what God can do in your life. If you have kids, you can drop them off at Valley Kids for their own high energy experience. You'll then experience passionate and authentic worship with the Valley Band, and a practical creative message. You'll probably even laugh and have some fun too, becasue we think church can be fun! You'll also notice that you are welcomed and accepted just as you are! No strings attached. But, most importantly Valley is about Jesus and helping you live for God, for People, for a Change.

Next Series

"Heart of the Matter"

Did he really just say that? At first glance, Jesus said some pretty hard stuff that maybe we wish he had never said. But, what if there’s a lot more going on underneath, behind, and between the words? Something that gets to the heart of the matter in our lives and our faith. Discover how the hard sayings of Jesus might not be that hard after all.