valley kids

In Valley Kids, our hope is that your child will experience God while remaining safe, having fun, and feeling loved. 

We help to make this happen in a variety of ways. 

having fun

Each Sunday in Valley Kids is a new and exciting experience! We encourage kids to worship by singing, dancing, and jumping around while we play upbeat, Christian songs. The curriculum is dynamic and can be easily digested by all ages, matching the lesson that is being given by the Pastor each week. We learn by playing games, watching educational videos, doing crafts, or completing an activity designed by our joyful and friendly Valley Kids Director, Sharayah Clevenger.

staying safe

Your child's well being is our top priority. Each time your child checks into one of our services, they will receive a name tag with a unique security code. You will receive a matching tag and code, which our volunteers will use to verify your identity before your child is returned to you. If at any point your child needs you during a service, we utilize our parent contact system with that same code. Additionally, All of our volunteers in Valley Kids are required to pass a background check and are trained by our staff. 

feeling loved

Our mantra in Valley Kids is this: We are real. We make mistakes, we say "I'm sorry," and we give second chances. We have fun, we are safe, we are respectful. We get really loud sometimes, we are patient, and above all, we love. Because God first loved us. We strive to show your kids this Godly love each and every week.

first time?

When you arrive, the Valley Kids check-in station will be front-and-center. We'll ask you for some information to have on file, like your name(s), address, phone number/emergency contact information, and the name(s) and birthday(s) of your child(ren) as well as any special instructions (allergies, special needs, etc.) they may have. 

If you have any further questions or you simply want to get a better idea of what Valley Kids is like before you arrive, you are welcome to contact our Children's' Ministry Director, Sharayah Clevenger, here: