Cave Quest VBS

Kicks off Sunday night August 28th.

Discover the light of Jesus on the quest of a lifetime! Awesome music, crazy games, fun munchies, and amazing Bible stories. It's a "back to school" VBS like no other!

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Go Groups

Life isn't a do-it-yourself-project. 

We need community. Get connected in a Go Group. We call them "Go Groups" because we believe our faith should help us "go" somewhere. 

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Valley Church Exists to Help You Live For God, For People, For a Change. 

What We Love

We love Democrats. We Love Republicans.

We love Spartan Fans. We love Wolverine fans.

We love Conservatives. We love Liberals.

We love people who love God. We love people who don’t love God.

We love thin crust pizza. We love thick crust pizza.

We love people with a lot. We love people with a little.

We love people that are certain. We love people who aren’t so certain.

We love people who love church. We love people who can’t stand church.

We love short people. We love tall people.

We love answers. We love questions.

There are an endless number of things that divide us in the world and we’re convinced that God and the church shouldn’t be one of them. 

We’re a church for God, for People, for a Change.