with valley

on mission

and at home

Christmas Eve Services:

4:00OPM & 6:00PM In-Person and Online

Home for the Holidays:

Online Only Christmas Day - 10:30am

Online Only New Year's Day - 10:30am

Is it us or does it seem like there's extra cheer in the air this Christmas? We can't wait to worship the one who created the cheer and who relentlessly cheers for you! This Christmas you're invited to an experience the whole family will love. Lots of Christmas music and that cheer, a special message of hope, and even candlelight!  

Christmas Eve Services:

4:00 & 6:00 In-Person and Online

FaceBook and YouTube

Christmas with valley

Christmas experiences for you, your family, and your friends. 

December 1st at 6:00PM

Valley Women’s Christmas Party. Food, Christmas cheer and community, holiday "make and take" crafts, and some holiday wrapping fun. 

December 18th at 10:30AM

Ugly Christmas Sweater Sunday! Wear your most ugliest sweater to worship. We'll have donuts and snacks to stain your sweater and make it even uglier too. 

December 24th Christmas Eve Services

4:00 & 6:00 in-person and online.

(FaceBook and YouTube.) 

Unique, powerful, Lots of Christmas music and cheer, a special message of hope, and even candlelight! 

December 25th

Online ONLY worship at 10:30AM. A special message from our staff for you and your family. 

January 1st. 

Online ONLY worship at 10:30AM. Special music of fresh starts in life and a powerful message of new beginnings. 

christmas on mission

We value love and we value the underdogs.

This year Valley is showing lots of love and meeting big needs in the community. 

Dec. 3rd - Artificial Christmas Tree Farm for Special Needs Families

  We're partnering with Coopersville UMC Church and community partners to bless the community. We will be hosting a free artificial Christmas tree farm for special needs families and other families in need in the community. Lots of artificial trees to choose from -all for free- plus festive snacks, cheerful Christmas music, a photo booth for families, and more fun and surprises! Learn more, sign up for a time slot, or volunteer HERE > 

Special Christmas Eve Offering

This year 100% of the Christmas Eve offering will be put back into the community and go towards mission. 

Support local businesses for your Christmas plans.

Holiday Meal: 

Allendale Meat Market

Bob’s Butcher Block

Green Vale Farm Creamery

Local Gifts: 

Red Door in Allendale

Jenison Artisan Market

Local Boutiques (MD Designs, Ophelia’s)

Local Decor: 

Bosch’s Country View Tree Farm

Vormitagg Tree Farm

Prince Nursery and Christmas Trees

christmas at home

Be "Home for the Holidays" with your family on Christmas Day and New Years. 

December 25th

Online ONLY worship at 10:30AM. A special message from our staff for you and your family. 

January 1st. 

Online ONLY worship at 10:30AM. Special music of fresh starts in life and a powerful message of new beginnings. 

Enjoy these activities with family and friends over the holidays at home!

Movie Marathon - pick some family friendly Christmas movies and veg out. 

Bake Off - Set a timer, divide into two teams, and bake your way to victory.

Hide & Seek - How many awesome hiding spots are there in your home?

Game Night - Turn off the electronics and play some games together. Maybe combine a couple and create a whole new game. 

Crafts and Color - Create a craft project, take pics and post online, then have friends and family vote for best of show. 

Family Drama - As a family, or with friends, create a fun play, record it and then put it on YouTube or social media for family and friends to watch. 

Slumber Party - Everyone in your family sleeps in the living room or family room with sleeping bags and pillows.

Story Time - Each person in the family tells a funny Christmas story of their own making.

Enjoy these outdoor and around town activities:

Take a walk - Count animals, pray for your neighborhood, and get some steps in

Christmas light tour - Cruise through some of the brightest neighborhoods in town or go on a scavenger hunt for the brightest

Bowling - Compete in a competition with family or friends

Fowling - Have you heard of it? Google it. It’s a blast. 

Shop locally - With money and gift cards received go to locally owned shops

Ice Skating - Compete in an ice skating challenge. If there’s no ice put on your socks and have a sliding competition in your kitchen or somewhere in the house. 


OF Christmas Eve SERVICES


Gather in person at 4:00 & 6:00, at Valley, with your friends and family for a special experience of story, song, and surprises! We will also be live-streaming the services on both our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Worship will be a very special and unique experience with lots of Christmas cheer, uplifting music, and a special message of hope.



Faith, and especially Christmas is always better with family and friends. Bring them with you to worship! This year we have an awesome opportunity to share the Christmas message with as many people as possible.  


If you'll be worshiping ONLINE make sure to have some candles available. A Christmas Eve service wouldn't be a Christmas Eve service without a special candle lighting moment! So make sure you grab a candle and some matches, or a lighter stick, for everyone and be ready. If you plan to worship in person with us we'll have candles ready for you!