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Inviting someone to Valley at Home is simple...just ask them!

A personal invitation goes a long way. Say you’d love for them to join you! Something like, “We’re hosting a Valley watch party this weekend! Our family would love to invite you to come over for breakfast and worship. Would you like to join us?”

Here's some tips to host your watch party...

1. Before

Take a minute to describe what the service will be like - sharing that helps people feel safe. For some, it will be natural to stand during the worship music. For others, it might not be so comfortable. Tha's okay. Inviting everyone to sit down and sing might be a better way to engage. The more natural and authentic you are the more natural and authentic the group and experience will be. 

2. Worship

Begin worshipping on time, and make sure you allow the kids to join in! Turn up the volume and give everyone space to spread out during worship so that everyone is comfortable singing. 

3. Service

Engage in the service the same way that you would if you were at a service in person. When people are invited to pray, bow your head and pray. If the worship leader says, "sing it out", then sing it out. If you're asked to raise your hand or engage with the message then engage. when it's time for the offering and connection card, take out your phone and model engagement while inviting others to do the same. This breaks down the wall between entertainment and worship.

4. Valley Kids

If children will be a part of your watch party, make sure it's engaging for them as well. Invite them to sing and dance (and join them too!). Ask questions, have someone read a Bible story to the younger kids, or have some activities ready for them. Think creatively and ask someone to help you if you need it. 

5. Pray

After the service is done ask if anyone needs prayer. If they do, pray for them and pray as a group! 

6. Gathering

Hang out for a little bit after service. People may get another cup of coffee or revisit the snacks you have out—this is a great sign that they’re feeling connected and are enjoying your gathering. As people leave, invite them back again for next week’s VALLEY AT HOME gathering.