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trunk r' Treat

sunday oct. 31st / 3:30 - 5:00PM

spring valley church parking lot

Once again we are teaming up with our friends across the street at Spring Valley Church to host this amazing community event in their parking lot. Each year hundreds of families and kids from the community come to Trunk R Treat. This is your chance to share the love of Jesus in a fun and practical way...with your trunk! 

Here's how you can make a difference in three easy steps:

1. Sign up right here. You'll get an email prior to the event with a bit more details and next steps. 
2. Show up at the Spring Valley Parking lot no later than 3:00 on Oct. 31st.
3. Swag out and decorate your car's trunk with your own Halloween style and treats! There might even be prizes for the best trunks and treats from Valley!

We need lots and lots of trunks so that lots and lots of kids can experience an awesome halloween this year. Sign up right now to let us know you're able to decorate your car and pass out treats from your trunk.