In Valley Kids, we do our best to make sure all kids

have FUN, stay SAFE, and feel LOVED!  

(We offer experiences for infants, toddlers, and elementary students through 5th grade.) 

having fun

Each Sunday in Valley Kids is a new and exciting adventure! Our hope is that your child will experience God in a new way each week. We help this happen through interactive worship with singing (there may or may not be some jumping around! LOL), age appropriate curriculum and Bible learning, and activities and games that help kids connect with Jesus. And have a ton of fun together! 

staying safe

Your child's well being is our top priority. Each time your child checks into one of our services, they will receive a name tag with a unique security code. You will also receive a matching tag and code, which our volunteers will use to verify your identity before your child is returned to you. 

If at any point your child needs you during the service, we utilize our parent contact system with that same code. Additionally, All of our volunteers in Valley Kids are required to pass a background check and are trained by our staff. 

feeling loved

You'll see these values and heartbeat when you walk into Valley Kids. It's the code we strive for and help your children discover: 

We are real. We make mistakes. We say I'm sorry. We give second chances. We have fun. We are respectful. We are safe. We do really loud. We do silence. We are patient. And above all, we love. Because God first loved us. 

Alone with you, we want to show your kids Gods love each and every week.

first time?

When you arrive, the Valley Kids check-in station will be front-and-center. We'll ask you for some brief information, like your name(s), phone number/emergency contact information, and the name(s) and birthday(s) of your child(ren) as well as any special instructions (allergies, special needs, etc.) they may have. 

If you have any further questions or you simply want to get a better idea of what Valley Kids is like before you arrive, contact one of our Children's' Ministry Directors, Alyx @ or Kaitlyn @

After church!

After Valley Kids each Sunday, we encourage you to ask your kids about it! "What did you learn about God today?" or "What can we do about what you learned?" or even just, "Did you have fun?" All of those are great places to start the conversation and dig deeper! We design the Valley Kids experiences with you and your family in mind. We want to give you something to learn and talk about with your children throughout the week, as a family.