faith is always better with FRIENDS! 

Life is not a do-it-yourself project. God built you for community. At Valley getting connected in community is important. It's how we keep growing, find friendship and support, and be the church together. Go Groups are typically 4-12 people who gather in people's homes or any other location and they follow a simple pathway and rhythm for discipleship and community. 

Week 1: For God (worship) - Bible study, talking about the messages from Sunday morning, spiritual growth, etc. 

Week 2: For People (community) - Something fun together as a group (go out to eat, bowling, game night, dinner party, etc.) 

Week 3: For a Change (mission) - Serve together in some way. It may be hands on, or more simple. 

Week 4: Repeat and rest - Talk about how the mission the week before impacted your life and faith, plan the next month's mission, talk about a recent message, etc. 


go group basics

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