meals on mission

Simply put, food is love. It's one powerful way we care for people facing any kind of challenge. Do you know someone in the community who needs a little extra love and hope right now in the form of a great meal? 

Meals on Mission strives to be the connection between the people who want to send love through food and the people who need both of those things.  Through the revenue created by Dinner Girl, a Hudsonville based catering service, and community donations, we will be able to bring the love and connection of a nourishing meal to so many people in need of that care and comfort. 

If you know a friend, co-worker, neighbor, family member, or someone else who’s going through a challenging time let us know by nominating them to receive a professionally prepared, and crazy delicious FREE meal delivered right to their home by Dinner Girl. No strings attached.

<Follow this link>to  nominate someone, and most weeks we’ll select one household to share some Meals on Mission. 

<Click here> to volunteer to serve on the Meals on Mission team with kitchen tasks or deliveries.

<Click here> to donate to Meals on Mission as a way to help provide a meal to someone who needs some extra love.

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