We're getting a makeover! 

See it on sept. 24th!

Sept. 24th will be our first Sunday back in the new space!

From July 16th to Sept. 17th we'll be worshiping at "The Barn" ministry and event space here in Allendale during our big remodel project and journey. Keep reading to learn more and see FAQ's. 

10658 56th Ave

Allendale, MI 49401

learn all about the why:

Step 1. Download this information sheet and guide.

Step 2. Watch the video as Pastor Matt walks you through it. 

Step 3. Check out what it will look like below and compare it to our current space and existing layout. 

Step 4. Pray that God would continue to change lives and how you can be a part of the next steps with your generosity, time, and hands.

See the new remodel plan

  • Increased Valley Kids space for infants and toddlers.
  • Brand new mutli-purpose space for older elementary kids, middle and high school students, and college and young adult space. 
  • New dedicated gathering space and connection center. 
  • Larger footprint and better welcoming space for the Diaper Ministry
  • Won't impact seating capacity for worship. 

our existing space and layout

Compare the new remodel and renovation to our current existing space to see the difference and value. This will help you visualize the "why" and you'll quickly "see" how this next step will help us leverage our space better for more effective ministry, mission, and growth. 

the barn faq's

What is "The Barn"? 

The Barn is a newer ministry and event space in Allendale. During the GVSU school year college students gather for worship and community on a regular basis at The Barn. The Barn is also rented out and used for weddings and other events. It will be the perfect space for us during the remodel. 

Who owns "The Barn"?

A local family owns and operates The Barn and it's ministry next door to their home that sits on their land. 

What will worship be like there?

Same as it always is! The worship will be family friendly, informal, and engaging. The band will still rock and bring the energy. Matt will still drop the dopey jokes. 

What will the seating be like?

They have the exact same chairs we currently have. 

What about Valley Kids? 

Your kids will be welcome to worship with you during the opening songs and then after that invited to the field behind The Barn for their own learning and game time. This space will be super secure, safe, and fun with our amazing Valley Kids leaders and volunteers! 

Where should I park? 

You will see a large grass parking field and lot right next door to The Barn. Just south the The Barn entrance. Look for the Valley parking sign. 

Will it be hot?

With worship in the morning at 10:30 and plenty of trees and shade we don't this being an issue. We'll have cold water ready for you. 

Will it be smelly?

No. It's an event space, not a barn with animals. Will you be smelly? 

Are there restrooms?

We have rented two nice and very clean portable restrooms, and a hand washing station, from a reputable local company. 

Will worship still be online? 

Yes it will be. But this is going to be a lot of fun and a unique time of worship and community for our church! We encourage you to be part of the fun and journey in person. Your presence matters as we take these next steps together.