About the SENT vision

--What is the point and purpose of SENT: Imagine?

The purpose of the SENT initiative is to move us closer to a permanent home for our church on 52nd Ave and engage our entire church in giving time, money, resources, prayers and energy to accomplish the following strategies over the next two years. A new church home will give us a larger and more practical footprint to expand these ministries, missions, and strategies. 

For God: 

Our love for one another makes the Gospel more practical and believable to the world around us. We are becoming more intentional about creating a deeper culture of worship and next steps so that all people know they belong and are loved by God. 

For People: 

Life is not a do-it-yourself project and community happens best in circles rather than rows. We are placing greater emphasis on building Biblical community and discipleship within our walls to more effectively transform and build community outside our walls. 

For a Change:

Over 2000 years ago Jesus and the early church did so much good that the world literally changed. We want to do the same. We are taking deeper and fresh steps in mission and outreach in creative ways. So that more and more people will discover the practical love of Jesus. 

--What is our financial goal of this initiative? 

We are funding our annual ministry plan ($225,000 each year) for a total of $450,000 over 2021 and 2022. Additionally, every dollar given beyond funding our ministry plan over the next two years will be pooled, and grown, with the $335,000 we already have on hand, to get us ready to break ground. This will require 100% participation from everyone at Valley. The numbers and goals are big. But we know God is bigger! And we trust the God who is able to do immeasurably more than we ever ask or imagine! 

--Why are we doing this? 

Because the mission of Jesus requires it! There is a huge opportunity in front of us to impact the community with even greater ministry and mission than we can in our current leased and limited space. Especially for our kids, student and college ministries, as well as the diaper ministry and our outreach efforts. Jesus calls every one of us to make his mission our way of life. Over the next two years, and beyond, we will strive to live this way so that we can make an even bigger Kingdom impact than before. 

--Are my gifts and giving “over and above” my normal tithe and offerings?

SENT: Imagine is considered a “One Fund” initiative. That means that all giving is rolled into one budget versus a more traditional “campaign” where ministry and projects are separate. Typically with campaigns people give to one/or the other. With this one fund initiative everyone is giving to the same overall mission for greater unity, intentionality, and growth. 

--When will I/we be asked to make our commitment? 

"Next Step Sunday" will be Sunday, March 7th in worship. We’re praying it’s the most powerful and generous move of God’s Spirit in all of our lives and hearts. 

--Can my gift involve stocks or other assets in addition to cash? 

Yes, absolutely. If this is the case and you would like to learn more please email us at the church office for further assistance: 

--What will happen on Next Step Sunday? 

On Next Step Sunday, March 7th, we will worship, celebrate, and pray over what God has planned, and will be doing, in people’s lives and our church. We will ask our entire church to participate by committing to give financially to the SENT initiative. Between now and then we are asking you to pray about this and look for God’s leading. Talk with your spouse, family, trusted friends about what this next step will mean for your faith and walk with Jesus. Everyone will hand in their SENT Next Step Card on this day in worship and digitally online.

--Are my gifts tax deductible? 

Yes, all gifts to Valley Church are tax deductible. However, the nature of the actual deduction depends on your situation. Consult your tax advisor for specifics. 

--Who can I reach out to if I have further questions?

You may reach out to Ellen Shirreffs or Michael Dowker from our SENT Generosity Planning Team. You may also reach out to John Laster, our coach from Horizon’s Stewardship.

--When will we build and what happens after two years? 

The simple answer: The timing of our next steps depend on what happens in the next two years and how much of our hearts we commit to this SENT initiative and dream for a new building. We see this much like a young couple saving up to buy a new house so they don’t overextend themselves and live beyond their means. That takes time, commitment, generosity, patience and trust. We are on the same kind of journey. The good news is that we already have $335,000 towards our goal of at least $800,000 to break ground for our church’s first home! 

--I’m a college student, parent of a college student, or in a transitional phase of my life. Why should I give to the SENT initiative if I know that, more than likely, I won’t be here in the future? 

Valley is 10 years old and over those 10 years God has blessed and transformed the lives of so many people. Some have been alongside Valley the entire time, and some have been, or will be, a part of the journey for a shorter time. Regardless of your tenure and track record, you are always part of the story! Your investment in Valley Church will impact future guests, just as you have been impacted by God here. That’s something worth passing on and “giving forward.” 

--Can I set up automatic and recurring giving for my commitment? 

Yes, of course you can! It’s the simplest and most convenient way to give. Go to the following link to set up your recurring giving. It’s safe, simple, and super secure. 

--Can I give to the SENT Vision anytime? 

Yes, of course! You can designate a donation and gift to SENT at anytime throughout the year and whenever you’d like. You can do that by check or online. You can do one-time gifts or multiple gifts whenever you feel led by God in addition to your “Next Step” commitment. 

--Can commitments be changed if necessary? 

Absolutely. We understand that life circumstances can shift our ability to give generously in both negative and positive ways. If you need to make a change to your SENT commitment please email