On Sunday, March 7th, we will humbly ask you to make a Two-Year Giving Commitment to the SENT: Imagine vision. We’re praying that everyone of us will ask, “God, what do you want to do through me?” like we have never asked and prayed about before.

We’ve included a sample worksheet, below, that you can begin praying over. If you worship with us in-person on Next Step Sunday you will get a physical card to fill out. If you worship online you will fill out the online card here by clicking the button below. If you are unable to worship on March 7th you can fill the card out online when it is convenient for you. You can also fill it out and make your commitment before March 7th too!

Here's the worksheet you can begin praying over and working through before you fill out your Next Step Card above. 

(Sample Next Step Card)


$__________________ — What I/We currently give in a year (includes estimated giving, missions giving, and special offerings).

+ plus

$ _______________ — My/Our expanded and additional generosity towards SENT for one year.


$______________ X  2 years = $ ___________________

  • plus $ _____________ — Any gifts from accumulated resources (stocks, savings, etc.) 

= Equals $ _______________ — My/Our Total Two Year Commitment.


_____ I’m not quite ready yet, but my next step will be to pray about it and be open to God’s leading.