We have already raised over 20% of our SENT goal in only three years. That's over $320,000! 

In November of 2019, we had our annual church conference: 

"It was an awesome experience because there was a lot of energy, hope, love, and free tacos! LOL"  -Pastor Matt

Click here to read what we shared at the conference regarding our progress with the SENT campaign! Our break-ground date is dependent on us maintaining our progress. We are able to continue campaigning thanks to your help, so keep scrolling to read about all the different ways you can donate!


  1. Limit the letter to one page or less
  2. Personalize it with your own voice and style
  3. Sign each letter personally
  4. Express the need for their help, whether it be through money, prayer, or serving if they live in the area.
  5. Thank them in advance and ask them to let you know when they give so you can thank them again, either with a thank you not, a call, or an email
  6. Upon not hearing anything for a week or two, follow up with an email
  7. If you're stuck or feeling uninspired, use the following prompts:
How will your life and the community change because of the SENT campaign?
Why are you excited about the SENT campaign?
Share what's happening at Valley Church.

Click here to read an example letter!


  1. Pray for a generous and giving heart
  2. Think of your giving as an act of faith and trust in God
  3. Worship God for the grace He sends into your life each and every day
  4. Ask God to invite you into something bigger than yourself
  5. Value God above anything else
  6. Take time to reflect and listen
  7. Share these moments with the important people in your life

The SENT Prayer:

We go nowhere by accident.

Wherever we go, God is sending us.

Wherever we are, God has put us there.

Jesus wants to do something through us, where we are. 

Believe this, live this, and be sent in his grace, love, and power.

For God, For People, For a Change.